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Devil Child released for a limited time on Noisetrade

Devil Child, my 3rd published novel, is now available for a limited time on Noisetrade! Go pick up a copy and tell your friends.

Town of Lien. Planet Xerl. Fringe Worlds. Imperial Space.

The Imperial Council has ruled much of the galaxy for millennia, maintaining power through a persuasive and draconian faith. Those who do not serve the empire and its unwavering doctrine, are punished.

Re’lien, the Devil Child, is one of these so-called heretics. She is cursed by her people and tortured, but is denied death.

Punished for heresy that she did not commit, Re’lien has become accustomed to her lot – until she is met by a stranger that shows her kindness.

The Devil Child is sick of being a scapegoat and sick of being beaten. She wants to be free of her oppression. But more importantly, she wants vengeance.

Devil Child is a dark sci-fi set in an alien world. See another side of the Warpmancer Universe in this epic novella.


Available for FREE download on Noisetrade.

When it is released on Amazon, I will appreciate a review. In the meanwhile, please share your thoughts on my Facebook page, on social media in general and in the comment section below.

Hope you enjoy!

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