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Devil Child Full Release

Devil Child, a sci-fi side story to Fall of Zona Nox will be officially released on Amazon on the 20th of June 2017.

The book tells the tale of a young Edal girl named Re’lien. Despite being the daughter of her planet’s lord, she has been declared a heretic – the Devil Child. The story promises to reveal not only a new and engaging protagonist, but also shine some light on the mysterious alien enemies of the main series, the Imperial Council. See life from the alien’s perspective in Devil Child, now available for pre-order here.

For those who have already read preview copies available in giveaways, the new edition has been heavily updated for the official release. New sections, enhanced details and more revelations make this an integral part of the Warpmancer Series.

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Town of Lien. Planet Xerl. Fringe Worlds. Imperial Space.

The Imperial Council has ruled much of the galaxy for millennia, maintaining power through a persuasive and draconian faith. Those who do not serve the empire and its unwavering doctrine, are punished.

Re’lien, the Devil Child, is one of these so-called heretics. She is cursed by her people and tortured, but is denied death.

Punished for heresy that she did not commit, Re’lien has become accustomed to her lot – until she is met by a stranger that shows her kindness.

The Devil Child is sick of being a scapegoat and sick of being beaten. She wants to be free of her oppression. But more importantly, she wants vengeance.

Devil Child is a thrilling sci-fi side story to Fall of Zona Nox and the Warpmancer Series.


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