Does the Lord’s Resistance Army use Terror?

The Lord’s Resistance Army (henceforth: LRA) uses a combination of terror and unconventional warfare in its operations. This paper will show how this terror is used to secure support for the organisation. Support, in this sense, doesn’t necessarily mean sincere approval, but rather assistance in terms of materials and manpower. Terror is a method of […]

ICC and Africa: Costs and Benefits of Withdrawal

Introduction Background Costs and Benefits Analysis a) Benefits Sovereignty African Solutions to African problems III.     Reconciliation Neo-Colonialism African Union b) Costs Transnational judicial infrastructure Impunity and Atrocity III.     Legal Legitimacy Eliminating a Last Resort c) In Conclusion: Should African states withdraw? Conclusion References  Introduction What would be the costs and benefits, for African states, of […]

Effects of Electoral Systems on the Influence of Radical Political Parties

Abstract An examination of the effects of electoral systems on the growth and influence of radical political parties can be used to predict the possible success of radical parties within certain nations. Four case studies have been used with varying contexts: Britain, France, Israel and Greece. The study found non-weighted proportional representation to benefit smaller […]