Defending Deontological Egoism

Abstract Ethical egoism is typically regarded with disdain and often rejected in ethicist circles. Some ethicists have attempted to reform the philosophy into a more palatable form. The result of this is Deontological egoism. But does Deontological egoism truly solve the problems of Ethical Egoism? This essay argues that it does. This essay will be […]

Refuting Marx on Alienation

Abstract This essay seeks to refute Karl Marx’s theory of alienation. It does this by examining each form of alienation stipulated by Marx and proving that they are not actually cases of human alienation. Introduction Many of Marx’s arguments rest on the concept of Alienation, giving way to the crucial question: Are humans living the way […]

Challenging Rawls from the Right

Abstract John Rawls, in his theory of justice, attempted to reconcile the two fundamental ideas of freedom and equality. This essay uses arguments from a right-wing perspective to illustrate how he has failed in his objective. This essay argues against Rawls’ theory of justice, by showing how it eliminates incentives, will put us on a […]

The Cogito Ergo Sum: An Introduction

In his First Meditation, Descartes sought to eliminate all beliefs that he held in an effort to seek certain knowledge. With the Dreaming Argument, where he determined that sensory perception was fallible due to the possibility of all experiences being only illusions, Descartes proposed that empirical beliefs could not be certain knowledge (Descarte, 1984:13). A […]

The Importance of Libertarian Science Fiction

Originally published by African Students For Liberty Theory inspires action, action leads to change. It is taken for granted by many that philosophy and political theory is integral to any movement. Movements, to inspire change, need an ideology to determine what form that change should take. Libertarianism is no different. We have a broad range […]

Identity, Memory and Virtual-Reality in PT Logos’ Warnings from the Future

(Featured Image found here Major Spoilers for Science Fiction Short Stories: Warnings from the Future, Cyberpunk Series I by PT Logos Good science fiction presents speculation and evokes questions. What will our future be like? Will this be a desirable future, or not? Is virtual reality a crutch to be scorned or a sad reflection of reality’s shortcomings? […]