Conquest of the Defiant Cover Banner March/April

March/April 2022 Update

Hey all Troopers and Crusaders! The fact that this update combines two months together and is late should be a sign that March and April...
Warpmancer and Kat Banner

February 2022 Writing Update

February 2022 was a deceptively productive month for me, while not seeming like I got much done. While I didn't write or publish any...

2022: Writing, Warpmancer and the Katverse

2021 has been a hard year on all of us. Rather than being a respite from the events of 2020, in many parts of...
The Last Light Textless Cover

New Website!

It’s been a while since I graced the main part of my domain with content! Due to some bad advice, I received last year,...
Hammond York and Mr Mittens Demonic Departure

June 2021 for Kat Drummond

May was a busy and stressful month for many reasons. I wasn't able to get as much writing done as I would have liked,...
Kat Drummond ToluLope Art

Fan Content: How to Contribute to the Katverse

There’s something beautiful about a series rising above that of just a collection of books by a single author. Star Wars, Warhammer, Harry Potter...

Katverse Sword Design Contest 2021 Results

Last month we announced the first Katverse art contest (Details here). The theme of this contest was to draw, illustrate paint or design a...

Katverse Sword Design Contest 2021

In anticipation of the release of Cursed Earth, the 12th book in the Kat Drummond Series, Kat's Crusaders is holding a contest. The first...

April 2021 for Kat Drummond

March has been a busy month for Kat's Crusaders and the Katverse. I built this website, organised the community, started a YouTube channel and...
Blood Hunter Cover Textless

Blood Hunter Launch – April 2021

Vampires took everything from me… Now, all I have left is the path. My name is Guy Mgebe. The Empire was meant to protect us, but...