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Cape Zero Re-Release and Book launch postponed

Cape Zero Available Soon!

Cape Zero: The Fall was released on Smashwords and Amazon a few years ago. It was a rushed job, more published as an experiment than anything else. Now, to give the world of Peter Swart the justice it deserve, I have edited it again and re-released it on Amazon KDP. For now, it will be an Amazon exclusive. This is to test the KDP Select system, most of all. In the future, I may use it to test other distributors.

The book is currently available for pre-order here:  Cape Zero on Amazon

Don’t let the price stop you from ordering it after its release on the 7th. If the KDP Select system works, it will be available for free as a promotion. If my mailing list grows, as previous posts stipulated, the book will also be made a subscriber freebie.

Book launch Postponed

Some of you may have noticed that my planned physical book launch for Cape Zero and Fall of Zona Nox has been cancelled. The reason for this is that the convention which I had booked has cancelled due to local protests that are ripping the universities of South Africa apart. Sadly, they felt the dangers of hosting the event were too much. I have been writing commentary about the protesters for quite some time. If you are interested, feel free to check them out on the Rational Standard.

I will keep my fans posted about the new book launch plans as they arise.

All the best!

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