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Shadow: Warpmancer Book One

Title: Shadow: Warpmancer Book One
Series: Warpmancer #1
Release Date: 2018

Zona Nox stands

But not for long…

Brutal aliens have invaded Zona Nox. Millions dead already, the planet is left with one choice. Fight till the last man.

James Terrin is a bloodthirsty gangster in a blood-thirstier city on the edge of space. James has lived his entire life for himself and his family, but all that is about to change.

His loyalties must shift as his city and planet falls.

Will he be able to face this new threat to humanity? And will a gangster turned soldier be able to save the world?

Shadow is the first book in the Warpmancer series, a galaxy-spanning epic filled with futuristic warfare, complex alien empires and compelling heroes.

If you love gritty grimdark like Warhammer 40k and space-faring sagas like Star Wars, you will love the Warpmancer Series.

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