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Book Series: Warpmancer Short Stories


Even the galaxy’s best pilot can have a bad day…
Erryn Kolheim is the best damn freighter pilot this side of the core worlds. She was born in space, bred in it. She’s one of the best, but even the best fear pirates.

On a routine run across the galaxy, Erryn’s ship is stopped by Pegg pirates. While small, the nasty creatures make up for their size with a love for violence.

Erryn can go around them. Space is big, after all. But it ain’t safe. Avoiding one danger might mean another, if they can even avoid the first danger at all.

But Erryn’s a damn good pilot, and she won’t give up her ship without a fight.

Will Erryn overcome the scourge of space? If you like space sci-fi like Firefly, you’ll love this short story addition to the expansive Warpmancer Universe.

Hive Mind

Peron is a freak among his people…
Peron is a gleran. A sentient, insect creature part of a hive of countless fellows. But he isn’t meant to be sentient. Something has gone wrong, and has left Peron as the only gleran in his hive, maybe even the world, with free will.

As Peron realises how different he is, he starts to realise his loneliness. But why should he be alone among millions?

He shouldn’t, and he won’t let himself be the only sentient gleran.

But the hive mind is strong. Perhaps too strong even for him.

Find out how one of the Warpmancer Universe’s most interesting characters began in this thrilling origin story.

This is a must-read for fans of the Warpmancer Universe or any thought-provoking sci-fi.