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Outcast of Empire: Warpmancer Book Seven

Title: Outcast of Empire: Warpmancer Book Seven
Series: Warpmancer #7
Release Date: 2017

The empire scarred her

And now she wants revenge...

Re’lien, a young alien girl on a frontier planet, is the Devil Child. A symbol of all her society hates. She is a blight in the face of the holy Imperial Council, the largest empire the galaxy has ever seen.

She is tortured every day for a crime she did not commit, until she is saved by Kei, a charismatic young man and the leader of the rebellion…

Now she wants revenge against those who wronged her. But can a young girl and a handful of rebels stand up to the Empire itself?

Find out in this seventh instalment of the Warpmancer Series, a thrilling sci-fi series for fans of Warhammer 40k, Firefly and Star Wars.

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