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Godkiller: Warpmancer Book Six

Title: Godkiller: Warpmancer Book Six
Series: Warpmancer #6
Release Date: 2018

He thought he would live and die for the empire.

Now he wants it to burn…

Kei was a loyal servant of the Imperial Council. Until they killed his family.

Now he is out for revenge. With his military training and access to heretical texts, he will spark a rebellion that will destroy the greatest empire the galaxy has ever seen.But this isn’t just an empire of mortals. There is a god sitting on the throne of Imperia.

Kei will stop at nothing to avenge his family, even if it means killing a god.

Godkiller is the thrilling sixth installment of the Warpmancer Series. Fans of Star Wars, Firefly and exploring alien worlds will love this much anticipated addition to the Warpmancer Universe.

Enter the realm of the Imperial Council.

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