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Book Genre: Science Fiction


Even the galaxy’s best pilot can have a bad day…
Erryn Kolheim is the best damn freighter pilot this side of the core worlds. She was born in space, bred in it. She’s one of the best, but even the best fear pirates.

On a routine run across the galaxy, Erryn’s ship is stopped by Pegg pirates. While small, the nasty creatures make up for their size with a love for violence.

Erryn can go around them. Space is big, after all. But it ain’t safe. Avoiding one danger might mean another, if they can even avoid the first danger at all.

But Erryn’s a damn good pilot, and she won’t give up her ship without a fight.

Will Erryn overcome the scourge of space? If you like space sci-fi like Firefly, you’ll love this short story addition to the expansive Warpmancer Universe.

Outcast of Empire: Warpmancer Book Seven

The empire scarred her

And now she wants revenge...

Re’lien, a young alien girl on a frontier planet, is the Devil Child. A symbol of all her society hates. She is a blight in the face of the holy Imperial Council, the largest empire the galaxy has ever seen.

She is tortured every day for a crime she did not commit, until she is saved by Kei, a charismatic young man and the leader of the rebellion…

Now she wants revenge against those who wronged her. But can a young girl and a handful of rebels stand up to the Empire itself?

Find out in this seventh instalment of the Warpmancer Series, a thrilling sci-fi series for fans of Warhammer 40k, Firefly and Star Wars.

Gangs of Galis

A red, flickering light made the blood only brighter, as Don Marzio smoked his synthetic cigarette over the corpse of his trusted informant…
Something is wrong with Galis City. There’s a rot in this sea of shanties.

Don Marzio, head of one of the largest gangs on this skiting planet, wants to end the rot. Where everyone else sees nothing but violence, he sees potential. The Don sees a future Galis ripe for business.

But before he can get there, he needs to eliminate some of the competition.

Gangs of Galis is a thrilling sci-fi crime short story set on a distant world far in the future. Live the action and the heart-stopping drama now with your copy of this essential story in the Warpmancer Universe.

Conquest: Warpmancer Book Nine

The Defiant rules

But Imperia is still out there…

James Terrin, the Defiant, has cemented his rule over Nova Zarxa. His people are safe, for now. But this safety is only a short respite. Imperia is still out there, alongside countless other enemies.

But before facing these enemies, James has to face a new phenomenon. A girl he knows from his dreams. A girl from the race of his sworn enemies, and a girl that may be more powerful than even him.

Continue the galaxy spanning Warpmancer Series in book 9.

Shadow: Warpmancer Book One

Zona Nox stands

But not for long…

Brutal aliens have invaded Zona Nox. Millions dead already, the planet is left with one choice. Fight till the last man.

James Terrin is a bloodthirsty gangster in a blood-thirstier city on the edge of space. James has lived his entire life for himself and his family, but all that is about to change.

His loyalties must shift as his city and planet falls.

Will he be able to face this new threat to humanity? And will a gangster turned soldier be able to save the world?

Shadow is the first book in the Warpmancer series, a galaxy-spanning epic filled with futuristic warfare, complex alien empires and compelling heroes.

If you love gritty grimdark like Warhammer 40k and space-faring sagas like Star Wars, you will love the Warpmancer Series.

Daughter of Mars: Warpmancer Book Eight

Re'lien escaped the Imperial Council

But she isn't free yet...

Re'lien, an alien girl living on the human world of Mars, used to be the Devil Child.

A scorned and hated heretic in the totalitarian Empire.

But among the humans, she is safe. And she thinks she is free...

But Re'lien isn't safe yet.

Many humans remember what people like Re'lien did in the wars of the past - and they want vengeance.

Will Re'lien be able to make a life for herself on Mars, or will the hatred of her species push her off the edge?

Find out in this eight instalment of the Warpmancer Series, a thrilling sci-fi series for fans of Warhammer 40k, Firefly and Star Wars.

Captain: Warpmancer Book Three

Zona Nox faces annhilation...

The human defenders can only hold on for so long...

James and his crew of survivors head desperately to the wasteland city of Dead Stone, seeking safety. But will they find it?

Danny faces corporate espionage and an impending civil war in the south.

Leri marches feverishly towards death, as the Xank approach Fort Nox - the last bastion of safety in northern Zona Nox.

Will humanity be able to survive this reckoning, or will they perish under the blood-red sands of their unforgiving planet?

Find out in this third installment of the Warpmancer Series, a thrilling sci-fi series for fans of Warhammer 40k, Firefly and Star Wars.

Godkiller: Warpmancer Book Six

He thought he would live and die for the empire.

Now he wants it to burn…

Kei was a loyal servant of the Imperial Council. Until they killed his family.

Now he is out for revenge. With his military training and access to heretical texts, he will spark a rebellion that will destroy the greatest empire the galaxy has ever seen.But this isn’t just an empire of mortals. There is a god sitting on the throne of Imperia.

Kei will stop at nothing to avenge his family, even if it means killing a god.

Godkiller is the thrilling sixth installment of the Warpmancer Series. Fans of Star Wars, Firefly and exploring alien worlds will love this much anticipated addition to the Warpmancer Universe.

Enter the realm of the Imperial Council.

Hive Mind

Peron is a freak among his people…
Peron is a gleran. A sentient, insect creature part of a hive of countless fellows. But he isn’t meant to be sentient. Something has gone wrong, and has left Peron as the only gleran in his hive, maybe even the world, with free will.

As Peron realises how different he is, he starts to realise his loneliness. But why should he be alone among millions?

He shouldn’t, and he won’t let himself be the only sentient gleran.

But the hive mind is strong. Perhaps too strong even for him.

Find out how one of the Warpmancer Universe’s most interesting characters began in this thrilling origin story.

This is a must-read for fans of the Warpmancer Universe or any thought-provoking sci-fi.

Defiant: Warpmancer Book Five

Freedom isn't given

It's taken...

In the face of genocide, the Zonians have risen up.

James, despite his imprisonment, prepares for the impending Imperial invasion.

But will it be enough?

Will Nova Zarxa fall?

Find out in this fifth instalment of the Warpmancer Series, a thrilling sci-fi series for fans of Warhammer 40k, Firefly and Star Wars.