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Gangs of Galis

Title: Gangs of Galis: A future crime story
Release Date: 2017

A red, flickering light made the blood only brighter, as Don Marzio smoked his synthetic cigarette over the corpse of his trusted informant…
Something is wrong with Galis City. There’s a rot in this sea of shanties.

Don Marzio, head of one of the largest gangs on this skiting planet, wants to end the rot. Where everyone else sees nothing but violence, he sees potential. The Don sees a future Galis ripe for business.

But before he can get there, he needs to eliminate some of the competition.

Gangs of Galis is a thrilling sci-fi crime short story set on a distant world far in the future. Live the action and the heart-stopping drama now with your copy of this essential story in the Warpmancer Universe.

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