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Daughter of Mars: Warpmancer Book Eight

Title: Daughter of Mars: Warpmancer Book Eight
Series: Warpmancer #8
Release Date: 2018

Re'lien escaped the Imperial Council

But she isn't free yet...

Re'lien, an alien girl living on the human world of Mars, used to be the Devil Child.

A scorned and hated heretic in the totalitarian Empire.

But among the humans, she is safe. And she thinks she is free...

But Re'lien isn't safe yet.

Many humans remember what people like Re'lien did in the wars of the past - and they want vengeance.

Will Re'lien be able to make a life for herself on Mars, or will the hatred of her species push her off the edge?

Find out in this eight instalment of the Warpmancer Series, a thrilling sci-fi series for fans of Warhammer 40k, Firefly and Star Wars.

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