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Available Books

Warpmancer Series

An action-packed science fiction universe following a variety of characters from all manner of races, backgrounds and time periods. A highly detailed look at humanities future among the stars and alongside aliens completely foreign and reminiscent of us.


Fall of Zona Nox – A master thief is forced into defending his homeworld from alien invaders.


Devil Child (FREE FOR LIMITED TIME) – A young alien girl learns to overcome her pariah status in a totalitarian society.

Short Stories

Gangs of Galis (FREE) – A mob boss uses a string of murders to build an empire on a frontier planet.

Cape Zero Series

A zombie apocalypse tale set in Cape Town, South Africa – with a focus on the political dynamics of a fall of society.

Cape Zero: The Fall (FREE) – A social recluse battles the collapse of society and hordes of diseased cannibals while facing impending insanity.