Announcing the Warpmancer Universe

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Space is big, the characters of my new story love to remind each other. As such, the Warpmancer Universe is a really big place. The main series, starting with Fall of Zona Nox, manages to present quite a few of the themes and lore of this universe, but is unable to adequately present as much as I would like.

The New Series

To remedy this, I will be separating the books into a variety of series, tied together by a single universe. The main series is aptly called the Warpmancer Series and contains Fall of Zona Nox and its future sequels. Standalone stories will be included under a new series called the Warpmancer Universe. This series can be read out of order and all books are standalone. This series has already begun with Gangs of Galis, a short story prequel to the Warpmancer Series. More short stories, novellas and perhaps even full books will enter this series.

Side-stories that contain more than one book will get their own series. An example of this is the Devil Child series, that will contain two books. The first being Devil Child (pending renaming to Outcast of Empire) and the second to be announced.

The Connection

Warpmancer Press Logo
Warpmancer Press Logo

All the books link up through a common universe, interlinking characters, events and history. Very few, if any, of the stories will be completely isolated from the others. An example of this is how Gangs of Galis is a direct prequel to the events of Fall of Zona Nox. Another Warpmancer Universe book (being written) is set awhile before the events of Fall of Zona Nox. This book will provide information on an event mentioned in Fall of Zona Nox and crucial to the universe’s timeline.

To tie all these books together, I have formulated an informal publishing company, Warpmancer Press, and a logo to brand the covers for easy connection. Please tell me what you think of it in the comments!

My works-in-progress

Currently, I am working on a number of projects. While they will each receive formal announcement, I might as well personally leak the titles.

  • Rise of the Defiant (editing)
  • Shipborn (editing)
  • The Ganymede Incident (writing)
  • Viper (planning)
  • Daughter of Mars (planning)

Hope that spurs some interest. Fans of the series may be able to guess the contents of these books based on their titles. Please start speculating away in the comments below. Perhaps, I may even give clues.

Last thing: keep your eyes open for the next few days for a new short story announcement.

Stay frosty!