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Announcing Rise of the Defiant | Sequel to Fall of Zona Nox

The much anticipated sequel to Fall of Zona Nox is approaching its release. The sequel is called Rise of the Defiant and is a direct continuation of Fall of Zona Nox. Beloved characters from the first book will be returning in this galaxy-spanning epic.

Here is the work-in-progress blurb:

Our planet is dead.

Zona Nox has fallen. Its inhabitants have fled to the closest haven they could find – Nova Zarxa. Their neighbouring world is an ice planet, covered with toxic gas, but it is safer – or so they thought.

The refugees of Zona Nox find themselves unwelcome on this new planet. Among them, James Terrin comes to grips with his new power.

But time is running out. The aliens who destroyed James’ homeworld are coming for Nova Zarxa. If there is to be any hope for James’ people, he has to prepare them for war.

But before they can prepare to fight the aliens who destroyed their world, they will need to overthrow the dictator that prevents them from living on this new one.

Release Date:

Rise of the Defiant is slated for release on the 30th of October. Make sure to revise your Fall of Zona Nox before then.

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