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Announcing Part-Time Monster Hunter

The Warpmancer Series has reached its ninth book, available September 4th. For fans of my science fiction epic, I hope you enjoy! It is a culmination of all the arcs that came before it, and the first meeting of many of the characters from my extensive cast. It has been an ambitious series and will continue to be so in the upcoming sequels. But I’m not only going to be working on Warpmancer going forward. I have begun work on a new series in a new genre. This new series is called Part-Time Monster Hunter (PTMH).

The series is an urban fantasy set in a twisted and alternate history 21st century, where portals have opened up allowing fantastical beasts, dark magic and the heroes and gods of mythology into our world. It has been decades since the initial opening of these rifts and humanity has begun to adjust to a magical way of life.

I am really excited about this story! I love fantasy, but have only ever written sci-fi. This series lets me explore my other favourite genre, and a new style of storytelling. While Warpmancer focusing on a large cast of major characters, PTMH focuses on a single main character and how she reacts to the world. This allows me to get much more personal and develop a character as I’ve never done before.

Because of the rift aspect of the story, I am able to borrow from many aspects of traditional fantasy and mythology – including Norse, Greek and Arthurian legend. This means an extensive canvas and very fun interactions as the likes of Thor tangles with Athena in a modern setting.

The PTMH universe borrows from the myths and legends of many cultures, including traditional epic fantasy and some creative license on my part.

If you are as excited as I am about the story, you don’t have to wait. You can download a the first five chapters of book one now, and sign up for the opportunity to receive the books for free.

Download the first five chapters here!

I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more info on this exciting new series.

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  1. Dave Dave

    just read it, dug it, pretty much hooked/that chic is pretty cool

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