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About Me

I’m Nicholas Woode-Smith. I was born on the 3rd of October 1995 in Cape Town, South Africa, where I still reside. I have my finger in many pies, partaking in quite a few projects and jobs. The purpose of this page is to attempt to segment these aspects of myself so you can understand a bit about me and what I do.


I matriculated from high school in 2014 from St George’s Grammar School with specialties in history, business and visual art. I served as debate team captain from 2012 onwards till 2014 and President of the Student Council in 2014.

I graduated from the University of Cape Town with majors in Economic History and Philosophy and minors in International Relations, Politics and English in 2017. I was on the Dean’s Merit list for my second year in 2016. I founded the Cape Town branch of African Students For Liberty, providing an intellectual home for liberal students on campus.

My academic interests are divided by topic:


All history has something to offer. My specialties are:

  • Economic History (specifically about institutions and state policy)
  • British Empire
  • World War One
  • World War Two





I started writing science fiction in 2009 after Spore: Galactic Adventures became insufficient to sate my world building desires. I completed my first novel, Fall of Zona Nox, in 2013. This was the start of the Warpmancer Universe. I started writing fiction seriously in 2017, expanding the series with side-stories and sequels.

The Warpmancer Universe is a broadly space opera series with hints of military sci-fi, space exploration, metaphysical and crime. I use this website to post updates on the series and universe.


I’m avowedly libertarian/classical liberal. I believe that the foundation of society is the individual and their freedom, and that the political system needs to maximise individual freedom. This is accomplished through civil rights, the rule of law and free markets.

When heated, I’ll stray into anarchism, and will often view the world intellectually as an anarchist. Governments are just big gangs, after all. But I also do believe that the empty throne is a problem. There will always be people wanting power and those sheepish enough to give it to them. It isn’t so much that I don’t like anarchy, it is that it is impossible.

Ideology on life

Life is what you make it. There are no gods, nor masters. There are individuals and their actions. My views on many philosophical topics have shifted over time, but what has remained consistent is my view on the individual as the basis for ethics and politics.

Morality cannot be objective for there is nothing concrete to compare it to. Rather, morality is an organic system grown to enable society.

While the empirical is flawed, it is all we have in many cases and we should just bite the bullet and accept it.

There is no universal meaning or human essence. In the strain of the existentialists – life is what we make it. Embrace the absurd.

Work and Skills

I’m fundamentally a writer, but have gained and trained many other skills, as follows:

  • Fiction Writer: Been writing fiction since 2009.
  • Non-Fiction Writer: Been writing non-fiction since 2014.
  • Copy-Writer: I do all my own copy-writing and have been hired to do copy-writing.
  • Web-master: Managed multiple websites since 2015.
  • Event Organiser: Organised a multitude of conferences and events since 2015.
  • Manager: Managed a publication and media company since 2015.
  • Social Media Marketing: I have been managing social media marketing projects since 2013.
  • Research: I am formally trained as a researcher with a BSocSci degree from the University of Cape Town.


  • Rational Standard: I am a co-founder and the Managing Editor of Africa’s largest classical liberal commentary site.
  • African Students For Liberty: I serve as an executive board member and Regional Director of Southern Africa.
  • African Students For Liberty UCT: I founded the first libertarian society at the University of Cape Town.
  • Institute of Race Relations: I serve as a council member for one of the most prestigious think tanks in South Africa.


Reading Fiction: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Classics, Military

Reading Non-Fiction: History, Philosophy, Economics, Politics

Series: Crime, Sci-fi, Anime, Animated

Music: Rock, Funk, Electronic, Metal, Jazz…pretty much everything other than pop, rap and R&B.

Movies: Crime, War, Historical, Sci-fi

Games: RPG, FPS, RTS, Grand Strategy 4x.

Other: D&D, RP, Warhammer 40k (Necrons), Hiking, Magic: The Gathering