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Nicholas Woode-Smith is a science fiction and fantasy author known for his military space opera Warpmancer Series and upcoming urban fantasy Kat Drummond series.

His sci-fi is admired for its attention to detail, intricate plots, complex characters and memorable world building.

Warpmancer takes place in the far future, detailing humanity’s life among a galaxy filled with contesting alien races, century long conspiracies and titanic warfare. Start the series with Shadow, or one of the short story tie-ins.

Kat Drummond is an urban fantasy series about a university student who slays monsters to pay the bills. Set in a world where magic has infested modern day society, it brings the action-packed storytelling and snarky characters that Warpmancer fans love.

Nicholas currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where he has a degree in economic history and philosophy. When he isn’t writing, he can most often be found playing PC games, Warhammer 40k or hiking.