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Fall of Zona Nox

Gritty sci-fi in the debut novel of the Warpmancer Series

When a world is about to fall, can a criminal be mankind’s only hope?

James is a master thief in the gang-dominated Galis City, crime-ridden capital of the frontier world of Zona Nox. Warfare and poverty have made all Zonians hard, but are they prepared for what is to come?

Under siege, the iron will of humanity has stood strong, but even iron eventually bends.

Forced to join the Troopers, a galactic alliance of human soldiers, James is thrust into defending Zona Nox. But as the conflict continues, James realises that this war is not as simple as it may seem.

With everything at stake, can James save his world?



Cape Zero: The Fall

A Zombie Apocalypse in Cape Town, South Africa!

When social recluse, Peter Swart, manages to survive an attack by an insane homeless man, he soon discovers that Cape Town is not going to be a good holiday spot for much longer.

In the wake of a failed government state of emergency, society crumbles in South Africa as a virus turns people into violent cannibals.

Within a day, the already compromised military collapses.

Cape Town becomes a dark zone.
Its residents are left for dead.

With chaos, anxiety and possible insanity – will Peter be able to survive the apocalypse or, worse yet, the necessity to live with other people?

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